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Cancer Cured by an Injection of Water

Cancer Cured by an Injection of Water! 
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Cancer Cured by an Injection of Water!
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Cancer Cured by an Injection of Water!
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Case Histories of Remarkable Healing ... Using Nature's Miracle Medicine: FOOD!Did You Know...
... that an easily-corrected vitamin deficiency may be the cause of major depression and mood disorders?

     Research conducted in the last several years at the University of York and Hull York Medical School shows a definite
link between depression and low levels of folate -- a compound found organically in fruits, leafy vegetables, and other food sources.

     The team from York published some of their findings in the July 2007 edition of the
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, stating that a review of 11 previous studies involving 15,315 participants showed a strong connection between low folate levels and depression.

     Dr. Simon Gilbody (leader of the York team) spoke with a reporter from the University's magazine about his work, saying, "Although the research does not prove that low folate causes depression, we can now be sure that the two are linked ... there is also some trial evidence that suggests folic acid supplements can
benefit people with depression."

     Dr. Gilbody and his team also published the results of further research on the link between folic acid and depression in the
American Journal of Epidemiology.  The team was able to prove that individuals with depression commonly have a gene that causes them to improperly process folate.  This gene helps explain why folic acid supplements can clear up even the most severe and prolonged forms of depression.
The Importance of B Vitamins
Folic acid is one of the B vitamins, which are well known to be
crucial to emotional and mental well-being.  Because B vitamins can't be stored in our bodies, you need a diet that supplies sufficient amounts.  Unfortunately, even then, B vitamins are destroyed by commonly consumed substances, such as:

  • Alcohol
  • Refined sugars
  • Nicotine

     Therefore, it's not surprising that B-vitamin deficiencies are so widespread.What is Folic Acid?

Folic acid is the synthetic form of vitamin B9, and it affects a group of chemicals in the brain known as

     It's linked to the production of some of the
"feel good" chemicals in the brain, and thought to play a role in the production neurotransmitters such as:  serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.

     Researchers believe that folate can cross the blood/brain barrier and is therefore key to maintaining healthy levels of key monoamine neurotransmitters.
When Antidepressants Don't Work

Folate deficiencies are especially frequent in patients who don't respond to conventional antidepressants.  Some studies also indicate that folic acid may be a
very helpful add-on to other prescription antidepressants.

     In one study, folic acid was compared with a placebo pill as a combination with a Prozac treatment approach.

     Patients who received folic acid
improved more those who received the placebo. This improvement was especially marked in woman.  Nearly 95% of female patients who received folic acid responded to the combo treatment, compared to 60% of woman given the placebo.

     Another study conducted with elderly depressed patients found that another type of folate (5-methyltetrahydrofolate or 5-MTHF) was essentially just as effective as a mainstream antidepressant medication.
Where to Find Folic Acid

Folic acid is easily available in its natural form in number of foods, including:

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Lettuce
  • Okra
  • Asparagus
  • Bananas
  • Melons
  • Lemons
  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Nuts
  • Yeast
  • Mushrooms
  • Orange juice
  • Tomato juice

     In addition, many
grain products have been enhanced with folic acid, especially breads and cereals.

     And in addition to watching your diet, taking a folic acid supplement is a fantastic way to ensure you are providing your body with an adequate supply.

     Some drugs -- notably various barbiturates, anticonvulsants, and birth control pills -- can interact with folic acid, so if you are taking any of these, make sure to consult your prescriber before adding a folic acid supplement to your daily regime.

     Standard daily doses of folic acid vary, but typically fall between 250 -1,000 mcg (micrograms) per day.  The recommended amount, unless a medical professional has advised otherwise, is 400 mcg per day.  At this dose, most adults experience
no side effects whatsoever.

     Folic acid supplements typically come in tablet form, and can be found in most natural food and drug stores.

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Featured Topic:

Cancer Cured by an Injection of Water!
The following astonishing story appeared in a case study written by psychologist Bruno Klopfer and published in Psychological Variables in Human Cancer, Journal of Prospective Techniques

     Klopfer had a patient named Wright who was also being treated by another doctor for advanced cancer of the lymph nodes.  Standard treatments had failed.  Wright's neck, armpits, chest, abdomen, and groin were filled with
orange-sized tumors, and his spleen and liver were so engorged that clinicians had to drain two quarts of milky fluid from his chest each day.  He was expected to die in a matter of days.

     Then Wright heard reports of an exciting new drug called Krebiozen.  After an initial hesitance, Wright's doctor agreed to give him an injection of Krebiozen on a Friday ... not expecting his patient to last through the weekend.
Tumors Melted Like Snowballs on a Hot Stove!

Much to everyone's surprise ... by Monday, Wright was up and moving about, clearly on the mend!  Klopfer reported that Wright's tumors had "melted like snowballs on a hot stove"
because they had shrunk to half their original size.  Wright left the hospital 10 days after his first Krebiozen treatment, declared by his doctors to be cancer free.

     But was it really the Krebiozen that eliminated Wright's cancer?  Or was Wright's
belief in Krebiozen's efficacy that cured him?  Read on to discover the twist to this story.

     For the next 2 months Wright stayed symptom free until ... articles about Krebiozen started showing up in the news, reporting that
the drug had no impact on lymph node cancer.  Wright, who was a rigid, logic-driven man, took the news hard.  He was stricken first by depression and then by a recurrence of his cancer.

     Wright was re-hospitalized, and this time
his doctor tried an experiment.  First, he fabricated a white lie.  He told Wright that despite the negative news reports, Krebiozen was every bit as effective as it had first seemed.  The only problem, the doctor explained, was that some of the drug batches had deteriorated during shipment.  He told Wright that he had since received a new highly concentrated batch that he could use to treat Wright's cancer.  Wright agreed to the treatment, and his doctor injected him with plain water which he told Wright believe was the good batch of Krebiozen.
     Once again, tumor masses melted, chest fluid vanished -- and Wright was back on his feet and symptom free for another 2 months.

     Was it the injection of plain water that got rid of the cancer yet again?  Or was it Wright's
belief that he was getting the good batch of Krebiozen?

     Let's proceed with the story to discover the truth.

     Two months after his doctor injected Wright with plain water which Wright thought was Krebiozen, the AMA made major headlines again with a nationwide study of Krebiozen
showing the drug to be worthless for treating cancer.  Wright's belief was destroyed and ... he died two days later.

Wright's story is a tragic example of how beliefs -- whether positive or negative -- create outcomes.  Your beliefs can heal you or kill you -- or cause you to succeed or fail in any endeavor.The Power of Belief is Good Medicine ... and More

Thanks to scientific research on the "placebo effect," the power of belief is proven in the field of medicine.  The "placebo effect" refers to how a patient's own belief activates healing.  Patients respond positively to placebo at least 30% of the time, and Herbert Benson of Harvard says
the placebo effect may actually work up to 90% of the time.      More often than not, the use of placebo in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies show more efficacy than drugs.  This is truly remarkable proof of the power of belief.

     The power of belief applies
beyond medicine.  It touches our lives every day in countless ways.  Few people, however, have the tools they need to apply this principle to their own advantage.       Karim Hajee is an author, researcher, and highly sought after speaker who has helped more than 100,000 people heal themselves, achieve their goals and create the lives they want through changing their beliefs.  His most recent book, The Power of Believing, breaks down the secrets that help people start putting their beliefs to work for them in a week's time.

     "Unfortunately most people don't know how to work with their subconscious mind," says Hajee.  "They feed their subconscious negative messages and in the end --
they get exactly what they don't want.  Your subconscious mind only acts on your instructions -- and those instructions come from your mind."How a 3-Time Indy 500 Champion Used the Power of Belief to Win the Races

According to Hajee, your subconscious mind is constantly working for you -- and will create any situation you want and desire -- if you focus on what you want and desire.  But if you simply focus on things that you
don't want (such as the recurrence of cancer) -- then your subconscious mind will create those situations.

     Bobby Unser, 3-Time Indy 500 Champion and has won Pikes Peak 13 times through the power of belief says, "The subconscious mind is the biggest energy producer and saver of money and effort that there is.  It works for free."  He further states that everyone needs to know the information that Karim Hajee shares in his book The Power of Believing, which shows readers how to do what he did.  "What Hajee teaches and outlines in this material works," he says.  "I know -- I've been using it all of my life.  Anybody who works with this material will be on the road to success."

     Hajee's book teaches you to create the beliefs you want, with step-by-step instructions on how to instruct your subconscious mind to get results.  You'll learn to put your subconscious mind to work for you, so you can...

  • Create new and empowering beliefs that can heal you and restore you to perfect health
  • Create a winning mindset that will catapult you to success in any endeavor
  • Let go of the past and enjoy each moment everyday for the rest of your life
  • End procrastination -- so that you're clear while motivating yourself to success
  • Attract abundance in all areas of life
Candace from Burns, Kansas, started using Hajee's system more recently, and had to try not to be skeptical.  "I wanted it to work, but everyone said it wouldn't.  Still, I began with an open mind and the results were amazing.  Within 3 months I landed my dream job and my income soared from poverty to upper middle class.  And I love my job.  It is not just about money, it is about happiness and fulfillment ... I have lost 75 pounds.  I now feel great about me.  I have new friends and the life I always dreamed of.  This program changed my life."

Because Karim Hajee is a friend and supporter of the Underground Health Reporter, he is offering our readers a F`R`E`E 30-day trial copy of The Power of Believing, which comes with 2 bonus CDs.  This offer is good this week only.   Get it today so you can harness better health, unlimited success, unstoppable confidence and immediate prosperity using the power of belief.
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Case Histories of Remarkable Healing
... Using Nature's Miracle Medicine:  FOOD!
     As you'll see in this special presentation, functional foods go far beyond just providing basic nutrition.  They perform specific medicinal effects in your body.  For example, there's a simple snack that can not only zap cholesterol, but can also prevent an enlarged prostate, balance blood sugar and more.

     And this isn't some kind of genetically modified, expensive, hard to find snack.  In fact, it's pretty common to find at a ballpark or at your grocery store (and no, it's not peanuts!).

     To find out about this and other amazing "healing foods," click here now
to watch my newest video.
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